Signs of Life

Like most people, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news that shook the nation to its core. A student at the time, I was sitting in my high school English class. A classmate had heard the news coming in that morning and turned on the radio for the whole class to hear. We were stunned and in disbelief. Then the second plane hit while we were listening, and everyone knew it wasn't an accident. What I remember most after that, though, is being amazed at the heroic demonstrations I saw by individuals, from the brave pilot who brought down Flight 93 to save more people's lives but lost his own, to the patriotic emblems displayed all over the place. People prayed in churches and strangers treated each other like friends. Although it was a great tragedy that happened, I am so proud of how Americans responded with kindness, generosity, and love, and I pray that the unity that we experienced during that time will not fade, because the aftermath of 9/11 showed that it is possible. They are the "signs of life" that I long for every day. I thank God for this nation and all those who serve to protect it, both at home and overseas, and may He guide us still.