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A Concert to Honor

7:30 PM

September 9, 2011

"A Concert to Honor," dedicated to 9/11 victims, their families, survivors, first responders, and service members. The Brahms Requiem was performed by the Marine Chamber Orchestra and United States Navy Band Sea Chanters, along with the Cathedral Choir, soprano Christine Brandes, and baritone Eric Owens, under the direction of Col. Michael J. Colburn. As part of the program, family members of 9/11 victims, members of the armed forces, and other representatives participated in a ceremony to honor the memory of the fallen.

Recorded Stream


09/09/2011 3:21 PM - People filing in, orchestra warming up, everything about to get started...

09/09/2011 3:29 PM - Images of the Cathedral are being projected on the screens here at the Kennedy Center. Stained glass windows, soaring archways. Almost feels like being there.

09/09/2011 3:39 PM - Event is beginning. Choirs and Orchestra filling the stage.

09/09/2011 3:39 PM - Event is beginning. Choirs and Orchestra filling the stage.

09/09/2011 3:41 PM - Opening video playing on main screen. Auditorium is full.

09/09/2011 3:42 PM - Rev. Samuel Lloyd III making opening remarks.

09/09/2011 3:44 PM - "Tonight our concert will pay tribute to the victims of the attacks and their families"

09/09/2011 3:48 PM - Thomas Heidenberger now giving opening remarks on behalf of victims families

09/09/2011 3:49 PM - "Now as we come together again, to pray, commemorate and celebrate, I would like us all to reflect a bit on all that has taken place since 9/11." -- Thomas P. Heidenberger

09/09/2011 3:51 PM - Standing ovation for our countries service men and women. Everyone on their feet.

09/09/2011 3:53 PM - Ovation now for flight crews and first responders during 9/11 attacks

09/09/2011 3:54 PM - "my biggest observation post 9/11: to survive is for the living and to live is to survive"

09/09/2011 3:59 PM - Marine Chamber Orchestra Performing live now...

09/09/2011 4:01 PM - Captain Anne Marsh reading "Heavy" by Mary Oliver.

09/09/2011 4:01 PM - "It's not the weight you carry, but how you carry it..."

09/09/2011 4:02 PM - "Steal Away" now being preformed by the U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters and Washington National Cathedral Choir

09/09/2011 4:06 PM - The Honorable Leon Panetta now making his address

09/09/2011 4:08 PM - "10 years ago leaders from all cultural, political and religious backgrounds gathered at WNC to remember the values we all hold dear..."

09/09/2011 4:08 PM - "So it is fitting that we gather again in this sacred chamber this weekend to remember, to continue to heal, and to pledge anew that we will continue to show the world the enduring strength of the American character..."

09/09/2011 4:13 PM - "Our great strength as a democracy resides in our people, people who are willing to sacrifice for the future."

09/09/2011 4:15 PM - "When I visited our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, I looked into the eyes of those men and women who serve our country on the frontlines. So many of them were motivated to do so by the events of September 11, 2001."

09/09/2011 4:18 PM - "But more importantly, their sacrifice will ensure that we always have a government of, by, and for the people."

09/09/2011 4:19 PM - Great speech by Leon Panetta. Huge ovation.

09/09/2011 4:20 PM - Taking a moment of silence for the victims and the heroes of the 9/11 attacks

09/09/2011 4:20 PM - whole auditorium completely silent now...

09/09/2011 4:21 PM - Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III now asking all affected by 9/11 to stand and be recognized

09/09/2011 4:24 PM - Marine Chamber Orchestra is performing. Very somber mood in the auditorium.

09/09/2011 4:30 PM - Images of the Cathedral are being projected behind the orchestra and choir. Everyone listening, meditating on the amazing speeches we just heard...

09/09/2011 4:31 PM - America the Beautiful now being performed. Everyone in the audience is completely silent.

09/09/2011 4:32 PM - Whole choir joining in now. Images of stained glass behind them.

09/09/2011 4:34 PM - "God mend thine every flaw. Confirm thy soul with self control thine liberty in love..."

09/09/2011 4:34 PM - Whole orchestra now. Very powerful.

09/09/2011 4:35 PM - Huge ovation. Auditorium erupting. Standing on their feet now...

09/09/2011 4:38 PM - Brief intermission...

09/09/2011 4:46 PM - maybe not so brief...

09/09/2011 4:49 PM - Orchestra warming up, people starting to take their seats again. Lots of mingling still happening.

09/09/2011 4:52 PM - Choir walking back on stage now...

09/09/2011 4:53 PM - lights dimming... and we're back.

09/09/2011 4:54 PM - Audience giving General Petraeus a standing ovation before his speech even begins. Everyone on their feet.

09/09/2011 4:56 PM - "Even after a decade, the attacks in New York, at the Pentagon, and in the skies over Pennsylvania remain a stark, painful memory."

09/09/2011 5:00 PM - "Tonight, the friends of the fallen will not be silent. Tonight, we honor their spirit and sacrifice with a monumental tribute of voices and instruments."

09/09/2011 5:01 PM - Brahms Requiem begins...

09/09/2011 5:03 PM - The President's Own Marine Chamber Orchestra performing along with Washington National Cathedral Choir and the U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters.

09/09/2011 5:03 PM - Images of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Shanksville projects behind the orchestra and the choir

09/09/2011 5:04 PM - Footage from 9/11 now. Billowing smoke...

09/09/2011 5:08 PM - Images of the fallen towers, street level. Rescue workers, firefighters, victims, families...

09/09/2011 5:11 PM - Lots of emotion in the audience. People wiping tears away...

09/09/2011 5:21 PM - American flag waving in the background of most of these pictures/videos.

09/09/2011 5:26 PM - images from candle light vigils on the days following 9/11

09/09/2011 5:26 PM - Eric Owens now performing

09/09/2011 5:32 PM - Images of service men and women saluting the flag, leaving for duty, hugging families good bye...

09/09/2011 5:42 PM - Christine Brandes, soprano, is now performing...

09/09/2011 5:51 PM - Eric Owens performing again

09/09/2011 5:55 PM - images of service men and women coming home, families waiting for them.

09/09/2011 6:08 PM - Images honoring the heroes of flight 93...

09/09/2011 6:10 PM - Standing ovation for the choir and the orchestra. Whole auditorium standing...

09/09/2011 6:12 PM - Applauding for the whole evening now...

09/09/2011 6:13 PM - That concludes the evening. Audience filing out now. Choir and orchestra walking off stage. Amazing night.

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